Having a large radiating area combined with a waveguide, providing both acoustic amplification, proper dispersion and reduction in distortion are all key elements in the smooth treble presentation. Never route for drivers before having them at hand. What we usually refer to as “foam surrounds” is a plastic polymer polyurethane , quite different from rubber. With the current driver the phase plug offers the best frequency response and the highest mechanical Q, thus phase plug it must be. Above the two most important measurements:

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I’ve changed quite a few drivers’ surround from rubber to foam and always found an increase in performance, generally a more vivid sound without compromising the drivers’ frequency response. Nuances in every piece, the use of dynamics, throat sounds, falsetto. So we feel confident that you will have a ja8080 for years and years to come.

Jantzen Audio JA HMQ – € : , Loudspeaker shop

There is some overlap so that the top ja808 bottom panels are covered in a double thickness layer, the side panels have a single layer of damping material.

The best bass performance in my room, which is 7,20 meters long, I achieved with the baffle of the speaker 50cm from the wall.

It really can’t be done. The low-pass section is first-order with a parallel RC-circuit to produce linear aj8008. I suspect that this adds to the familiarity of the instruments and ease of listening. And this is not by a small margin with the increased level of detail apparent from the very first note: You can download the datasheet of the tweeter from the grey section at the top of this page.


In our demo room the speakers are about centimetres apart measured from woofer phase-plug to woofer phase-plug and about centimetres from the listening seat. A very efficient way of jz8008 with this problem is not having it at all and use a phase plug. Damping material is applied to the inside of all the panels except the inside of the front baffle. All these possibilities were tried for measuring performance and evaluated sonically by setting up the drivers in the TQWT cabinet and listening to a wide range of music.

One side is higher density than the other, the higher density side is placed against the cabinet walls. What has been my prime target here is not having a high-pass filter on the front driver. A new crossover is required.

Smaller quantities are trouble.


It’s hard to describe but the end result is that there seems to be a more “being there” effect. And I think I’ve got it. Feed it a poorly produced recording of ‘s popular ja80008 and you get a poorly produced recording of ‘s popular music. The midrange, with its expression, emotion and intelligibility, is the secret of this set. The result of all expression from the Plutone is that it’s great to listen to music. What we usually refer to as “foam ja88008 is a plastic polymer polyurethanequite different from rubber.

Coatings are sometimes applied to cover basic imperfections in cone composition and geometry. It was my idea to lauch a high-efficiency ha8008 driver for low wattage valve amps, because there aren’t that many around.

Recent Drivers  ASUS M2N68-AM USB DRIVER

The phase plug did not measure better or sound better than the domes and eventually a non-coated paper dome was chosen for having a more vivid upper mid. The qualities that Peter has in his voice to express what he sings are wonderful. The midwoofer, tweeter and port are sealed air-tight with the supplied gasket sealing tape.

I just didn’t have quite enough Mappa Burl veneer to do both cabinets so on the back out of sight I used some standard beach veneer. Use glue or staples. I chose to veneer the cabinets and I used a light coloured Mappa Burl veneer a.

JANTZEN AUDIO JA-8008 HMQ Speaker Driver Midbass Paper 8 Ohm 95dB 40Hz – 5000Hz Ø 20.3cm

And there is still something in which I am searching a bit for how to describe it. Did more listening yesterday and I have to say that something is missing – in a good way! No smoothing applied to reading. Frequencies in this range jx8008 the intelligibility of speech. The Plutones are fed by a minimalist system with B SET mono-blocks directly fed by an Esoteric cd player with volume control.