Use this feature to set the amount of time that a clearable warning appears on the control panel. The page-ordering operation works on whole sheets of paper rather than on individual logical pages. The following options are available:. If you specify 0 seconds , the device continues trying to print indefinitely. Asia Pacific and Oceania.

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The following table demonstrates the results of selecting this check box, depending on the paper orientation selected on the Finishing tab. The Color drop-down menu contains only one option: The following table shows the relation between mopier mode settings and collation settings in the software program and the driver.

HP CM8060/CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology – Device Behavior menu

Devices with a duplexer installed support smart duplexing. Dragging the slider-bar indicator does not yield an exact value.

Javascript is disabled in this browser. When this preset limit is reached, the new document overwrites the oldest held document. Changing the Pages per Sheet setting manually to 4, 6, 9, or 16 pages per sheet disables the booklet setting.

When this occurs, the string is appended with a space, a pound sign, and a number for example, Draft 2. Use the settings to change the TrueType-to-printer font mappings. Asia Pacific and Oceania. The factory default is 0.


Pressing Ctrl-D resets the device to its default setting to ensure that future print jobs are not affected cm80660 the current print job. This is the default setting. Maximum Font Size to Download as Bitmap This control specifies the maximum font size in pixels for which the driver will download TrueType fonts as bitmap Type 3 fonts.

Use the External Fonts option to install and remove external fonts for the device. Font sizes from 1 to points are available from the Size menu. Apple Mac OS X The default setting is No. These job-storage features are described in the following sections. The Finishing tab contains the following controls:.

The Job Storage tab appears among the driver tabs only if job-storage feature is enabled, and a hard disk is installed and configured. After the job is printed, the job is immediately deleted from the device.

The ICM Method setting specifies how to print the color graphics. Tray 1 sheet manual feed. To receive uncollated multiple copies of a print job, you must clear the Collated check box and make sure that the software program collation feature is not selected. Best headphone deals for Christmas: Scanned documents can be saved in a variety of formats including PDF, and integrated OCR software can be employed to convert documents to readable text on the fly.


HP CM/CM Color MFP with Edgeline Technology – Device Behavior menu | HP® Customer Support

Send Ctrl-D Before Each Job This control specifies whether the device is reset at the beginning of every postscript document. The Color Options group box contains the following controls:. Pressing Ctrl-D resets the device to its default setting to ensure that previous print jobs do not affect the current print job. Send Graphics as Vector.

Personal Job To use the Personal Job option, the job-storage feature must be enabled. Valid entries are numbers from 1 to This is useful when binding the document or using 3—hole punch. Available PostScript Memory This control specifies the amount of available postscript memory and provides a spin box for changing this value.