Notify me of new posts by email. Maybe it could confirm what happened to you? So far, so good. This bug report is a duplicate of: Thanks to you i finally overcame the freezing problem on my system! Different from what I am experiencing but still bugs.

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I downloaded the files you said but when i go into device manager to look for the wireless card, i dont see it, i havent been able to even get it to work once cuz it always freezes upon insertion. I hope my think is clear, the language doesn’t help me.

It absolutely should work. It booted up without a problem, no restriction there, it just gets “stuck” when trying to finalize a new connection and gives up with that deauthentication by local choice reason 3. Notify me of new posts by email. Thanks again atjeros your post and offering a link to the driver.

Glad you are offering hardware that is “known”. Atherros thinks the AP went offline when in reality something simply didn’t take place as thought by the software, leaving a gap that perhaps is seen as the AP not being there. My guess is no, not out-of-the-box.

Recent Drivers  DEKTEC DTU-215 DRIVER

Sometimes figuring out where the problem actually lies is hard to near impossible. I can check the dd-wrt forum, haven’t done that yet, but things are looking dim. I opened its Properties window from its atheeos menu, went into the Driver tab, and clicked Update Driver Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

The driver mentioned here being an Atheros driver should probably work with a wide variety of other Atheros cards too, Atheros implement a more or less ‘one size fits all’ driver policy. I never knew, or never appreciated I guess. This file contains the names of kernel modules that should be loaded atneros boot time, one per line.

Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

How can things ever get ironed out that way? Windows would atheross allright, and it would connect to the wireless network, but if I was very lucky, I would be able to view just two or three web pages, after which the system would completely lock up: Like my hardware would die one day but would not be put out to pasture because of software upgrades.

Ar5212/ar52213 even confident enough that I’m typing this very message on this system now! If so, you are in luck. Atheros drivers enable but not in use 9.

Getting Atheros AR Wireless Cards to Work with Windows XP – TechSpot Forums

I have installed Trisquel 6. They should sort of work from my experience although there are things which won’t work well or at all like power management, etc.


Furthermore, Linux folks generally love it.

I find performance outstanding, weak signal throughput in particular is far superior to any other card I’ve ever tried. I know how to do the device manager thing, however, when im in device manager, i dont see the card. Then my post to this list provided the rest of the info. A lot to learn.

It was a worthwhile learning experience though. Thanks for this posting so much. Bus Device Even the older IBM laptops had digital restrictions so you might not be qtheros to swap it for another easily or possibly at all.

If you want me to try again, I will. One hand into the other. I think the problem is the ath5k stuff was never terribly well supported. Andreas Moog ampelbein on